Bulgarian Bitcoin Association

The Bulgarian Bitcoin Association is a private benefit association registered under the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act.

With decision No 1 of 23.06.2014 the Commercial Division of the Sofia City Court has entered in the register of non-profit legal entities an Association called "Bulgarian Bitcoin Association". The association was established to carry out activities for private benefit in accordance with the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities (Non-Profit Legal Entities). Only local legal entities and individuals can be full members of the Association. Foreign legal entities and individuals can only be associate members. The governing body of the Bulgarian Bitcoin Association (BBA) is a Management Board.

New members of the Association are accepted by the General Assembly. Applicants shall submit a written request to the Management Board. This request must be accompanied by written recommendations from two full members of the Association, and at least one of them must be a founder. The Management Board must consider the application within three months and submit the application to the next General Meeting. Admission of members is by open ballot and simple majority.

The Association carries out its activities by supporting itself with annual contributions of its members, donations and income from its own activities. BBA is the first legal entity and civil entity on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, which fully carries out its activities without a bank account. The membership fee is determined in bitcoins and is paid by the members of the Association in bitcoins. The General Assembly of BBA determines this amount at each of its regular annual meetings.

The main objectives of BBA

  • Coordinating the interests of its members in carrying out their activities;
  • Dissemination and promotion of the use in civil and commercial turnover of both Bitcoin and other digital technologies for decentralized storage of value;
  • Building friendship, understanding and trust between its members;
  • Imposition of ethical and professional standards of conduct in the use of digital technologies for decentralized storage and transfer of value;
  • Protection of the rights and interests of its members in front of state bodies, public organizations and other legal and natural persons;
  • Protection of the rights of Bitcoin users, as well as other similar or related to Bitcoin digital technologies for decentralized value storage.

The subject of activity and the means by which BBA will achieve its goals

  • Collects and promptly disseminates among its members information on all issues that have or will be relevant to their activities;
  • Organizes the exchange and summarizes the opinions and suggestions of its members;
  • Prepares substantiated opinions on projects for normative acts regulating the digital technologies for decentralized storage and transfer of value;
  • Makes proposals to the competent authorities on issues of major importance in the field of new monetary systems;
  • Creates, if necessary, specialized structures, units and working groups;
  • Assists in the participation of its members or representatives of the Association in expert committees, commissions or councils of the relevant state bodies and organizations;
  • Makes contacts and participates in related international organizations;
  • Carries out other activities not prohibited by law, which are related to the goals of the Association.

BBA Forum

The forum is openned only for members and associates of the Bulgarian Bitcoin Association have access to the content. If you wish to join us and become a member of BBA, contact us by e-mail at the address below.

Contact us

Write to us at the address info [monkey] btca [dot] bg

Krum Popov Street №56-58
Lozenets quarter
Sofia - 1421
for the Bulgarian Bitcoin Association
BULSTAT of BBA: 176774095